How to keep your jewelry from getting tangled up

How to keep your jewelry from getting tangled up

Have you ever been in a hurry and trying to get dressed, throwing on your clothes, shoe's and trying to find the right jewelry to finish the look?  Then you notice the necklace you wanted to wear is in a big heap of a mess, tangled in a blundering ball of chain and beads. Did an alien sneak in your room and twist and stretch all those chains together?  What did I do to deserve this mess on a day that I am already running behind.  I pick it up look at it, get the tweezers and a bobby pin to try and pull the pieces apart without breaking one. To no avail the blob seems to keep growing.

This has been my morning many days.  I am one of those people that likes for everything to match.  I'm not OCD, but close to it when it comes to my accessories. I might not be organized in anything else, but I like for my jewelry to be separated and ready to grab and go. Let me give you a  tip to help out with organizing that jewelry.

Who keeps sandwich bags in their pantry?  Well let me tell you they can be used for many things other than putting a sandwich or chips in.  YES, those small plastic bags serve many different uses.  

Guess what I use to keep my jewelry separated?  Yes those plastic sandwich bags are the BEST thing to store your jewelry in.  You can place your necklaces and earring sets in an individual bag, zip it up and (Wala) you will never have that big blob of a mess again.  I usually buy mine at Walmart.  You can get those snack size bags that work perfect.  I have a box that sits in one of my nightstand drawers and I place all those little plastic bags in it for storage.

So when you have that big blob growing on your dresser, remember that box of those little plastic bags.  They come in handy to store all your jewelry in.

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