Starting Over

Starting Over

Have you every started something then give up?  That would be me.  I had went over board setting up an online store in 2017...Working hard to get items to sell and taking the perfect pic..  I work a full time job and worked late hours working my butt off to get my store to succeed.  Putting all my money into products that I felt like would sell .  Over the past few years my sales had eventually increased and was showing and hoping things were going to take off.  About the time a few sales were happening the ugly virus came along and guess what?  My job was shut down.  That meant no income.  Then nothing.  

This thing came alone (Covid-19) and everything hit rock bottom..  Let me tell y’all this was the worst feeling to be out of work and my online store suffering the down fall...

I live in a very small town in Western NC where jobs are hard to come by.. The struggle of being able to purchase merchandise came to a halt .. No income, others out of work and no way to keep my little online store open.

All the hard work that had been put in to it was none and void.. 

But let me tell y’all, I still had social media and kept up with other’s still working their online stores.. 

This gave me encouragement.  The positive attitudes of others is very contagious..  Feel good vibes... support... 

All of this gave me hope and a new renewal of ambition.. So guess what I did y’all ?  I am trudging ahead and getting back in the race..


I purchased some yarn from Walmart and went to making Scarf and Hats... This was cheaper starting back in order to have something to sale..  To my surprise they turn out beautifully..


 Needless to say .....

I launched my online store again and feeling a GREAT accomplishment.  Will it be easy?... No Will I get rich fast?  No  but the point is to never give up... push ahead... keep on keeping on... There is more to social media than the ugly in this world..   So I have said all of that to say this..
Get back on that horse..  challenge yourself .. we can do this... 

With the Lord’s help and all of you out there succeeding ... I will put my heart back into getting my business up and running again.  

Check out my online store and let me know what you think... I’m excited and with some hard work , pray to be able to have a strong presence in this “new normal” society..  If you have a similar event that has happen to you.. Let me know ..  There is support here and I encourage each and everyone to keep trying what ever it is you want to accomplish.  

God Bless you all



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